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Production it's a parallel way to my "artist" carreer. Everything started in a natural way, as a pursuance of my process of compositition, recording and performance.

My passion for the music goes through the passion for the sound, in his more pure form. Il love to stir the waves in the air in every way: composing, playing, recording, mixing, arranging.

I needed  some time to understand that all of these can be called "artistic production", to understand that all I was doing, in fact, was producing. 

I was used to do that on my own music, I've never did that on someone else's music.Until I received the firs Invitation. I breathed, and I said yes. The first album I ever produced was indicated to the Latin Grammy in 2015 in the "best MPB album" category. I think that, after this experience, I stated to believe that I'm also a producer.


Produce music: create the sound universe in which your compositions find the expressive strength they need to thrill the listener.


Producing is subtraction: removing the superfluous, digging a hole in your work until we reach the core, perceiving it, feeling it, understanding it, and then rebuilding it with another depth.

To produce is to cook: we have to understand the ingredients. Choose them in the best possible way. A good tomato sauce is made with good tomatoes. A good tomato and a bit of extra virgin olive oil is already a delight.

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To produce your song / album / EP I need to believe in your idea. I need to hear it and get emotional, I need to feel something. The music has to communicate with me.

This is the most important of all. I will be very honest about it.

Over the years, I have met many wonderful musicians and audio professionals. Incredible people with whom I learned and learn a lot. In my productions I am lucky to be able to count on this team of trust and friendship throughout all stages of the process.

As we are in a very delicate time because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I am producing remotely: each one in his studio recording his own instrument.

It is a new way of working, we are all learning, and the results are being incredible.


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